RetroPGF Summer Tour: Funding the Commons in Paris

This summer, Giveth and General Magic teamed up in Paris and Barcelona to spread the word about RetroPGF. Wondering how it all went down?  Come along for a quick recap of our adventure! 🌟

Spreading RetroPGF Joy in the City of Lights!

Next up, Paris! We took the momentum from Barcelona and brought it to the heart of France. Our booth was a hub of activity, buzzing with conversations about public goods, retroactive funding, and how we can all contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. 

For those who missed Griff’s insightful talk in Barcelona, EthCC in Paris was the perfect chance to catch up! The hall was packed with eager listeners, all ears to the groundbreaking ideas surrounding public goods and retroactive funding. Griff’s talk on ‘Markets for Public Goods’ captivated the audience, showcasing the potential for transformative change in funding dynamics. The enthusiasm was palpable, highlighting the growing interest in reshaping the future of collective contributions.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

We were thrilled to welcome over 300 attendees to both events, all eager to engage in meaningful discussions about the future of public goods funding. The response was phenomenal, with an impressive 202 submissions flooding in, and more than 51 NFTs minted. Griff’s talks were nothing short of legendary, captivating the minds of over 350 individuals thirsty for knowledge and inspiration. 

Barcelona and Paris, you truly brought the energy! We’re on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating where the RetroPGF journey will lead us next. 

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures! ✨🔴