RetroPGF Summer Tour: ETHBarcelona

This summer, Giveth and General Magic teamed up in Paris and Barcelona to spread the word about RetroPGF. Wondering how it all went down?  Come along for a quick recap of our adventure! 🌟

Barcelona Kickoff: A RetroPGF Adventure Begins! 

Barcelona was our first stop, and boy was it a blast! Our RetroPGF booth was decked out with awesome stickers, trendy t-shirts, and even some exclusive NFTs. All you had to do was fill out a quick form and share a bit about your project, and voila! You were minting your very own RetroPGF community NFT in no time. 

The energy was electric as we connected with fellow enthusiasts and shared our vision of Retroactive Public Goods Funding. It was such a joy to see everyone so excited about supporting public goods!

Griff Green RetroPGF

Oh, and let’s not forget about Griff! He took the stage and delivered an incredible talk about Markets for Public Goods. It was insightful, inspiring, and left everyone with a lot to think about.


Coming Up: Paris!

For the next leg of our trip, we’ll be heading to ETHCC and Funding the Commons(read the recap of our Paris trip here)! ✨🔴