Case Studies

This section is dedicated to showcasing a selection of projects that have received funding through RetroPGF. Explore these case studies to gain insights into the tangible impact of RetroPGF on the Optimism ecosystem.

Project Spotlight: GasHawk – Navigating the Skies of Transaction Fees with RetroPGF

In one of our latest Project Spotlight, we delve into GasHawk’s transformative impact in the crypto sphere. Established less than a year ago, GasHawk has impacted the Optimism and Ethereum landscape by slashing transaction fees by up to 95%. Initiated for both crypto natives and individuals and institutions who are still on the sidelines, GasHawk’s

Project Spotlight: Ethereum Mexico-Catalysts of Web3 Adoption in Latin America!

In this edition of Project Spotlight, we’re taking a deep dive into Ethereum Mexico, a dynamic initiative that’s been instrumental in driving Web3 adoption in Mexico and Latin America. Founded in June 2022, Ethereum Mexico embarked on a bold mission – to empower individuals across Latin America with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive

Project Spotlight: ITU Blockchain – Pioneering Blockchain Education in Turkey

Established in 2018, ITU Blockchain stands as Turkey’s inaugural university blockchain society, leading the charge in a new era of learning and development in this transformative field.